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Waxes for use in building and construction materials

IGI wax products will improve performance of a variety of building materials

Waxes can be used in a variety of building and construction materials such as OSB and MDF.

Petroleum based waxes are naturally hydrophobic and thus offer a cost effective way to impart moisture barrier properties in OSB, MDF, and other materials. Aside from providing moisture barriers, petroleum based wax products can provide dimensional integrity while facilitating better resin distribution in the boards. Effective wax categories for these applications include refined paraffin waxes and slack type waxes. IGI also has the capability to blend different waxes so they are optimized for a customer’s performance and cost parameters. Waxes can also be used as a basis for emulsion manufacture to use in these applications. Further, moisture barrier properties of waxes are prevalent in emulsion use for drywall and related “green board” products.

Other construction material applications where waxes provided benefit are gypsum board, concrete curing, and PVC manufacture.

IGI has technical professionals that can discuss with you your target performance goals for using waxes in your particular construction material application.


Proven technologies to enhance performance of construction and building materials

IGI recommends talking to one of our wax professionals to discuss your specific application.  They will collaborate with you in a product selection process that will balance performance with commercial requirements.

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